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Casting: Voice Actors for Radio Liberty

This is your chance!

Are you a fan of Crimson Skies, pulp era adventures or Old Time Radio? Perhaps you are an amateur or professional voice actor who wants to show off their skills, get a new clip for your demo reel and have some fun on the way? Here are 21 chances to be a part of Radio Liberty! The first fan-made Crimson Skies audio adventure!

Most of them, the recurring and major parts, are challenging and require distinctive deliveries but many are supporting, one-to-three liners that a single Voice Actor could easily handle as multiple parts or as extra parts for someone who is also doing a major role.


Audition deadline

Because we are coming up to the Holiday period, auditions will close on January 1st, 2010, New Years Day, which will give you roughly 2 1/2 weeks to get an audition together. The director and I will decide on the successful applicants over the weekend and the cast notified on Monday, Jan 4th at the latest.

  • Record in 44100hz 16-bit Mono and submit them as MP3's encoded at a bitrate of 320kbps.
  • Save the audition lines as "charactername_yourname.mp3"
  • Send your auditions to, free FTP transfer using something like YouSendIt is probably quicker and easier.
  • One of the things that your audition will be judged on will be audio quality. A delivery which sounds like it was recorded with two tin cans and a piece of string will have to be really, really good to get the part.
  • However if, after winning the part, you have any problems with your recording setup, we will give you help to fix it before recording your lines - its easier than trying to fix problems in post!

  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    MALE 1 (Recurring role)

    Name: Walt Gilfrey

    Voice: Male, early to late twenties. Classic radio announcer voice, usually fast-paced and forceful as if every sentence ends in an exclamation mark. This is by far the biggest role in terms of lines: the anchor announces and links all parts of the transmission as well as the audio drama's intro and credits. Perfect part for someone who wants to practise real-life Voice Over work.

    Bio: The “anchorman” introduces the program, reads the major headlines, any stop press announcements and advertising from sponsors. He's shallow and vain, much like the actor Bruce Baxter (played by Kyle Chandler) in the last movie of King Kong with a touch of the comedy relief that Will Ferrell did in "Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy". NOTE: He will also do our credits in the same voice

    Audition line 1: [excited]You heard it here first folks! Two of the greatest figures in the world of international gambling will compete for a royal ransom on Radio Liberty in three day's time!

    Audition line 2: In these dangerous times you need to know that you carry the very best protection! Is that handgun reliable? Will your rifle help you against armed desperadoes with submachine guns? Do you need a new Fifty for your airplane?


    MALE 2 (Recurring role)

    Name: Theodore L. Anderson

    Voice: Male, Thirty-forty year old, American regional accent: Yankee? Mid-western? Southern? His voice should be gravelly yet colourful.

    Bio: The shows producer, a hard-bitten, Pulitzer prize winning, ex-newspaper editor who has started the program to break what he sees as bias and censorship in the news media. Based loosely on a Mark Twain / J. Jonah Jameson type who is passionately dedicated to the freedom of the press.

    Audition line 1: Air piracy has been a fact of life ever since the United States of America fell apart in 1932. As each of the twenty two nations of North America set up border checkpoints, road and rail transport across the continent became unreliable and air transport has become the backbone of our economy. But thieves are coming close to crippling our international lines of commerce without which every nation will suffer.

    Audition line 2: [shouting]I'll have his guts for garters!


    FEMALE 1 (Recurring role)

    Name: Jacqueline Destin

    Voice: Female, Early twenties, charming French accent. Very feminine, she can range from husky, sultry and seductive to playful and coquettish.

    Bio: A raven-haired beauty, a French Vietnamese casino owner, the daughter of a French Colonial official in Indo China. A child prodigy raised and educated in Paris but shunned by society because of her race, she has compensated by using her mathematical genius to succeed in the world of professional gambling. Worldly, supremely cultured and a born leader, she is a young woman who exerts control without posturing, a femme fatale who sometimes lets her guard down.

    Audition line 1: [cool, slinky]Why, thank you, Walt. Ricardo and I go back a long way, he's such a kidder! And he's always been a great sport. FreePort was going to be one of our stops on the way to Cuba anyway so I'm flattered that Ricky has opened the doors of his little club to us.

    Audition line 2: Not even for me? The nice woman who pays you?


    MALE 3

    Name: Akela Khan

    Voice: Male, 30s. A homage to Shere Khan from Disney's “Talespin” Cultured George Sands style English accent – deep, menacing with timbre. See 2:30 HERE.

    Bio: Little is known about Akela Khan, before he appeared in the Pacific out of nowhere, late in 1934, with a battle zeppelin, two squadrons of fighters and a seemingly endless mountain of cash. He has since gone on to carve out a trading empire which is secretive and ruthless amidst rumours of shady deals.

    Audition line 1: George, could you get Mr. Lee to come to my office? I have a little cleaning job for him. oh! And tell Watson in Distribution that Mr Wilkins has been [beat] fired and has left a vacancy.

    Audition line 2: Edward, you are a moron. You may leave.


    MALE 4

    Name: British Zeppelin Radio Operator

    Voice: Male, young, British.

    Bio: Young and nervous but determined to do his job

    Audition line 1: Mayday! MayDay! This is the British Cargo Zeppelin Prometheus under attack by enemy marauders. MayDay! Assistance is urgently required.

    Audition line 2: The Battle zep has opened fire. Hit the deck!


    MALE 5

    Name: Manuel Castillo

    Voice: Male, mid-forties, Mexican. Vain and proud

    Bio: Manuel Castillo [cost-eeyo] is Mexico's minister for the interior, the president's right hand man and one of the wealthiest men in Central America. Overweight, brilliantined hair, his wife left at home and his mistress on his arm, a sleazeball.

    Audition line 1: [coldly] El Corazón Negro - The Black Heart. How appropriate. I understand that you have thirteen confirmed kills in the air?

    Audition line 2: Thank you, Señorita Destin, it seems I cannot escape from my responsibilities even in the clouds. This kind of banditry gives Mexico a bad image internationally and divides us nationally.


    MALE 6

    Name: Charles Leonard “Leo” Conway

    Voice: Male, Mid-forties, Preppy, "Larchmont lockjaw" in the vein of Charles Emerson Winchester III from MASH.

    Bio: One of a cartel of millionaires backing Freeport. Conway is the original Pittsburgh money behind Pure Oil. A shirt tail relative of one of the old "Steel Baron" families, he is a self-made millionaire who keeps his own roots in the background.

    Audition line 1: Damn it, they even gave the floor show at the casino a bad review! [beat] What is it with these people?

    Audition line 2: Look! There's a lot at stake here and I don't want Freeport getting a bad name in the media. Fred, I'm trusting you to be our public face, we can't afford to have this kind of gutter journalism dragging us down


    MALE 7

    Name: Edward

    Voice: Male any age

    Bio: Gangster.

    Audition line 1: Sir, They're on Radio Liberty

    Audition line 2: Damn right boss! Those Bowen fifties aren't a patch on the new colts!


    MALE 8

    Name: El Corazón Negro

    Voice: Male Early twenties. Classic Mexican voice, proud, swashbuckling in the vein of Antonio Banderas

    Bio: Known to his friends as Rolando, "El Corazón Negro" – The Black Heart - is a Latin American air pirate who has been taken on as the Pascal's head of shipboard security. This makes him the commander of the Home squadron and in charge of the airship's military defences. Against his will, he is also the Radio Liberty's "crime reporter" who reports and analyses the more sensational crime – murder, kidnapping, big robberies. He turns out to be a good choice because of his connections with the underworld which allow him scoops and exposes.

    Audition line 1: Jacqueline, must I do this? I signed on as your security chief, not as a society host!

    Audition line 2: Mexico is being manipulated by boardroom bandits and their guns-for-hire whilst fat-cats like Castillo just sit back and let it all happen. I despair of the future!


    MALE 9

    Name: Radio Freeport anchorman

    Voice: Male Early twenties. Fast talking, wise cracking, see HERE or HERE

    Bio: He is also the MC for their jazz lounge however unlike Gilfrey, who is primarily an announcer, he is more of an entertainer, a comedian/host like Milton Berle, Jack Benny or Bing Crosby

    Audition line 1: Radio Freeport would like to welcome everyone, regardless of politics or bad taste in music, to the beautiful waters of the Gulf! Enjoy your stay! We'll even give you a great rate at the gas pump!

    Audition line 2: ... That was El Rocco and his thundering bongos broadcasting live from The Lizard Lounge in FreePort Casino!


    MALE 10

    Name: Dr Robert Garret Ph.D

    Voice: Male Late twenties, early thirties. Cultured Harvard manner covers a Brooklyn accent

    Bio: An ex-consultant to The Empire State on air defence who is on the run for the attempted murder of Prof. Warren Gilmont after loosing a plagiary case against him. He reports on international current affairs: troop buildups, economic crises, treaties, wars – who is doing what to whom.

    Audition line 1: With tensions already high from border disputes between the nations of Texas, Arixo and the Mexican border state of Chihuahua, the existence of increasing numbers of Mormon settlers and their converts is making the Government nervous.

    Audition line 2: It is a vicious circle with bandit air pirates playing on local distrust to target the settlements and their crops which has made the colonists dramatically increase the size of their air militia, with planes, fuel, and ammunition from Texas cattle barons and Utah cousins.


    Name: Ricardo Montalban

    Voice: Male, late twenties. Pleasant, well-spoken, a trace of a Cuban accent

    Bio: The owner and operator of the Freeport Casino

    Audition line 1: Please George, call me Rick like everyone else! FreePort's Intelligence experts tell me that a sizable contingent of gamblers has just crossed into range of our tables. ...

    Audition line 2: ... that's right listeners, for one night only the high stakes table has NO LIMIT! But I've kept you too long already from the tender graces of the Senora Destin! Enjoy the rest of your night ladies and gentlemen! Hit it Rocco!


    MALE 12

    Name: “Marshall” Bill Redmann

    Voice: Male, late twenties. Texas accent filled with threat and contempt. The most dangerous man you can imagine.

    Bio: The most notorious air pirate of his time and a ruthless killer. An ex-Texas Ranger, he is at the top of their “most wanted” list.

    Audition line 1: Eddie, you're new so I'll let you into a little secret. Don't ever play poker with me 'cos ah cheat! Ah've got an ace up mah sleeve.

    Audition line 2: [whipping up the crowd] Yeah! Wetherall and his pet pirate, El Corazon Stupido won't know what hit 'em until they're staring down the barrels of the Redman gang!


    MALE 13

    Name: Frederick “Fred” Tibodeaux

    Voice: Male, Early to late twenties. Educated, but makes a point of his Cajun roots.

    Bio: From Cajun/East Texas stock who has worked his way through college and returned to New Orleans with impressive editorial qualifications. The fact that he and Anderson have both migrated from Newspaper to radio is no accident – he was Ted's friend and protege until they had a major falling out. He is now the producer of Radio Freeport

    Audition line 1: Relax! All they have are allegations and innuendos.

    Audition line 2: Don't worry, Leo, I've got something planned that will will show them up as the two-bit hacks that they are. Might even swing some business Ricky's way


    MALE 14

    Name: Captain Charles Wentworth Wetherall

    Voice: Male, late twenties. Mild Australian accent with a touch of class, more Grammar School than upper-crust.

    Bio: Wetherall – Changa to his mates – is a celebrated war ace of the Australian Air Force, a confident pilot and commanding officer but put a tuxedo on him and he is totally inept. Brought up in an all-male environment, he excels in sports, guns, fighting – a 'man's man' - but is absolutely useless with women and children. He believes in rules, regulations and order. He detests pirates and criminals.

    Audition line 1: I can tell you that she will be no pushover! The Prometheus is one of the Goliath class cargo zeppelins used by the Royal Air Force to transport valuable cargo and is covered in the armoured cloth normally fitted to military zeppelins.

    Audition line 2: I think they would prefer us to send them a flight of Warhawks, Walt! Over the past six months, ten zeppelins have gone missing in that region, five British, three German and two French.


    MALE 15

    Name: British Zeppelin Captain

    Voice: Male, 40s. Authoritative English army type voice.

    Bio: The ex-military captain of a heavily armed cargo zeppelin.

    Audition line 1: Has anyone seen any markings on the blighters?

    Audition line 2: He'll not take us without a fight. Issue arms to all crew.


    MALE 16

    Name: British Zeppelin Crewman

    Voice: Male, young, British, excitable

    Bio: A merchant crewman, inexperienced, never been in battle.

    Audition line 1: Nothing sir. They look clean.

    Audition line 2: Oh my god!! That isn't just a pirate zep. That's a ruddy Battleship with gasbags!


    MALE 17

    Name: Eddie

    Voice: Male any age, whiny, nasally

    Bio: Air pirate.

    Audition line 1: Yeah! Virtuous! That's us!

    Audition line 2: But boss, how can we get through all that security? Two squadrons of fighters and a bucketload more on call from whatever country they are flying past!


    MALE 18

    Name: George

    Voice: Male, any age

    Bio: Gangsters clerk.

    Audition line 1: He's got Wilkins from distribution in with him right now, Eddie. I'd wait if I were you, he doesn't like being disturbed unannounced

    Audition line 2: Uh, the boss is free now


    MALE 19

    Name: Captain Harlen

    Voice: Male, Early thirties, authoritarian, gruff

    Bio: Captain of the Khan Industries battle zeppelin, Executioner. Ep.1

    Audition line 1: Attention British Zeppelin Prometheus. This is Captain Harlen of the battle zeppelin, Executioner. Stand down, and prepare to be boarded. Cooperate, and no harm will come to you or your crew.


    MALE 20

    Name: Michaels

    Voice: Male, Early twenties

    Bio: The Pascal's helmsman.

    Audition line 1: Sir! You're not allowed in here! Oh! Mademoiselle Destin!

    Audition line 2: He's in the starboard lookout's gallery, Mademoiselle.


    If you've got any questions about the production or any of the parts, please don't hesitate to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.


    Igor de L'Stok


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    Sir, are you still interested in CS? If so, you should come back to the Montana Raiders board. We are having all sorts of fun waiting for the REAL Zeppelins and Bombers book to be released by its author... come back! I'm sure we could gin up some interest in this production again, too! -Jerba


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