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Welcome to Crimson Skies!

You might be excused for scratching your heads and wondering, "What on Earth is Crimson Skies?" Well, Crimson Skies might have started out as a board game from FASA but it was with the Microsoft PC game that it really hit its stride! Many of the reviews from its release commented on the quality of the media that backed it up: the music, the audio voice-overs and the video cut-scenes.

Hmmm, descriptions are all very well, but why don't I show you instead?

If you enjoyed the "movie", which is the copyright of Microsoft, why not try out the game? Its still available on the official Microsoft Crimson Skies web site for sale and as a trial download.

You need to be aware though that if you want to play it on a modern Nvidia monitor then you will have to go through the work-around described HERE or use an old monitor.

Personally I play it on an old laptop and still get great speed (no lag) and reasonable graphics.


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